Hygiene & Sanitization is most important for a clean home. As such Complete Services provide the preferred and hassle free cleaning service at your very door step.
Traditional cleaning methods mean that only the top covering of an area is cleaned. Although the area looks clean, germs and bacteria can survive beneath the surface and continue to breed. Moist or wet areas are ideal breeding grounds for pathogens to multiply and abound. Cleaning with mops and water only serve to wash a soup of infection across an area.
Steam cleaners have been designed to provide deep down cleaning, meaning that the area is carefully cleaned throughout and not just on the visible surface. Areas are left hygienic, free from germs and bacteria with minimal effort, new paraise cannot find a proper ground to grow. Using a steam cleaner also means that the use of chemicals are reduced by 80-90% and the use of water is reduced by 90-95%.
Steamers work by assin water from the cold water tank, through the boiler which heats it and turns it into steam at the nozzle. There are a range of accessories that can be attached to the incise in order to meet any cleaning requirement.

Reasons to steam clean

  • Removes dust mites, bacteria & viruses
  • Removes stains & perspiration
  • Prevents allergies such as antrum & asthma
  • Long Term protection
  • With the use of the latest technology
  • Not only cleans, But disinfects for long term protection